Comments on submiting tournament results

The results should be submited through an online parser. If you encouner any problems, report them to Ales Cieply, who is responsible for the ratings maintainance.

When the results are sent we need to know:

Tournament classes

EGF recognizes three tournament categories:

Adjusted time (TA) is calculated as
          TA = basic time + time equivalent to 45 (60) moves in standard (Canadian) byoyomi

The EGF Ratings Committee reserves the right to adjust the class of a tournament if considered necessary. The class of the event should be known before it is held. The organizer may demote the class in tournament announcement if the lower class suits better to his intentions (e.g. when new tournament system or rules are tested). The events that do not meet the specifications mentioned above are not recognized as classified EGF tournaments.

Tournament table format

The rating program processes the tournament tables written in the form of ASCII text files. The data record for each player is to be given in one line. Empty lines and everything following the semicolon sign are ignored. The results are presented in a string of entries separated by blanks. The number of rounds (included results) must be the same for each player and each result entry is given in the form:

        <opponent's place><symbol>[/<colour>[<h>]] 
        <symbol> is + (a win), - (a loss) or = (jigo)
        <colour> means the colour of stones ('b/w' = black/white)
          <h>    specifies the number of given handicaps
Examples: 35=, 23+/w (equivalent to 23+/w0), 11-/b5 
The handicap specification can be omitted if the handicaps are computed from the difference of opponents' grades (minus a given reduction). If the player did not participate in a given round, the result is still to be specified in one of the following ways:
        0+  a free win
        0-  a free round
        0=  a free round (0.5 added to the score and MM)

Examples of some tournament tables:

t970920b.h2 - handicap games, handicap = difference of grades - 2 (defined by the file extension; h9 extension used for even games)
e961122.h9 - even games, example of a team tournament
t990220f.h9 - even and handicap games specified