Nuclear Physics Institute, Academy of Sciences, and

Doppler Institute for Mathematical Physics

will hold on June 10-14, 2002 in Prague

a workshop under the title


from Mathematics to Mesoscopics

The main topic to be discussed are quantum particles which are forced to live at in specific regions, such as a manifold of a lower dimension or a graph, or in the vicinity of such regions; the focus is on relations between the geometry and the spectral and scattering properties, as well as the influence of external fields, internal degrees of freedom, etc. Also mentioned will be various classical systems which exhibit a similar behaviour. These questions will be addressed by different methods ranging from mathematically rigorous models to those having a direct relation to experiments.

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  • Speakers and talk titles:

    Last-minute program changes: Since Yosi Avron had to cancel his participation on urgent family grounds and also Francois Bentosela was unable to come we replace their talk on Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning by a discussion tentatively called "Open Problem Bazaar"; if needed this can be continued on Friday afternoon after the talk of Volodya Geyler.

    Short contributions:


    All the workshop activities will take place at the following address:

    "Masarykova Kolej"
    Thakurova 1
    16000 Praha 6

    It is a Czech Technical University facility which offers conference rooms as well as hotel rooms for visitors and a restaurant. Click here for instructions how to get there.


    Registration will be open on Sunday June 9 at 11.00-20.00 in the lobby of "Masarykova Kolej"
    There will be a free afternoon on Wednesday
    The same day at 7pm there will be a common dinner in the restaurant of "Masarykova Kolej"

    June 10
    June 11
    June 12
    June 13
    June 14
    Chair Kuchment Sadreev Schatzman Exner
    9.00-10.00 Combes Murdock Exner Open Problem
    10.00-10.30 Coffee break
    Chair Combes Duclos Geyler Rotter Stollmann
    10.30-11.30 Sobolev Sadreev Joye Parnovski Rotter
    11.30-13.00 Lunch break
    Chair Murdock Falko Sobolev Gadylshin
    13.00-14.00 Nazmitdinov Open Problem
    Stollmann Geyler
    14.15-15.15 Falko Schatzman Seba
    15.15-15.45 Coffee break Coffee break
    Chair Parnovski Joye Nazmitdinov
    15.45-16.45 Duclos Kuchment Borisov
    17.00-17.30 Kondej Kriz Nemcova
    17.30-18.00 Kovarik Tater Krejcirik
    19.00 Dinner

    Practical information:

    How to get there: "Masarykova Kolej" is easily accessible by public transport being situated a 5 minutes walk from "Dejvicka", a terminal station of the metro line A. Follow the streetcar route on Evropska street, Thakurova is a perpendicular to it and "Masarykova Kolej" is a large building at the corner of the two streets.

    Coming by train: Each of Prague major railway stations has a metro station. You have to change to the line A and follow to the station "Dejvicka". It requires at most 20 minutes and is much cheaper than a taxi; tickets for 12 crowns are available in orange vending machines at the entrance.

    Coming by plane: If you opt for a taxi, choose a registered one or an airport van. An easy way to get to "Masarykova Kolej" is to take bus 119 from the stop in from of the arrival building of the airport. In about 25 minutes, it takes you to metro station "Dejvicka".


    Pavel Exner - tel. +420-2-6617-3293, +420-776-154-823, e-mail
    Jaroslav Dittrich - tel. +420-2-6617-3637, e-mail

    Secretary: Magda Vostrakova - tel. +420-2-2435-8540, e-mail

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