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Prague is one of the oldest cities in Central Europe. It has a rich history, unique architecture, and pleasant atmosphere. A typical weather at the end of June is warm, with afternoon temperatures about 27 degrees and occasional rains. The conference will be held at Faculty of Nuclear Science of the Czech Technical University, the second oldest university in Prague, founded at 1707. The building is situated at the bank of Vltava river in the Jewish quarter of the Old Town.


The registration will open on Sunday, June 21. The program will consist of main one-hour lectures and original contributions presented either as shorter talks or in a poster form. The decision about the presentation will be made by May 15. The deadline for abstracts was March 31, 1998. The conference proceedings will be published by Birkhauser in the series "Operator Theory: Advances and Applications." The volume will contain plenary talks together with a part of the other contributions; the selection will be made by the committee at the end of the conference.

Electronic access

The e-mail address of the organizing commitee is The participants are encouraged to supply their electronic coordinates, since the information will be disseminated preferably in this way. To download the application form, click here.


The registration fee is USD 180 (USD 220 after March 31). This includes costs of the auditories, stationery, a copy of conference proceedings, and social events. The latter also concerns accompanying persons who are supposed to pay USD 30. For more information about these matters click here.


The organizers offer a packet containing a six-night accommodation in a university pension or a tourist hotel about 25-30 minutes by tram and/or subway from the conference site, together with five days of lunch and dinner tickets for the university cafeteria - for a more detailed information click here. We are also able to assist you with finding a hotel of a higher class and/or in the city center. The prices depend on the request, in general they correspond to a popular tourist location at the peak of the season.

An age and/or geography determined support

The organizers offered support ranging from a fee reduction to the board and lodging (no travel expenses) to two categories of participants:

With the help of our sponsors which we deeply appreciate we have been able to assist in this way about fifty colleagues. The decision was communicated to them on April 8.


Prague has a good connection with most of major world airports. Within Europe, there are convenient ways how to reach the place by train or car. No visa are needed for participants from almost all European countries, U.S.A. and Canada. Applicants from other parts of the world should consult the nearest embassy of the Czech Republic; a letter of invitation will be provided at request. The public transport in the city is reasonably functioning; a week ticket is available at present for CZK 250 (about USD 8). A car rental can be arranged for a tourism before and after; during the conference it would not help much because the parking fees around the conference site range within USD 0.50-1.50 per hour.

Related events

A workshop on Schroedinger operators with magnetic fields in the Erwin Schroedinger Institute in Vienna is organized by I. Herbst, T. Hoffmann-Ostenhoff, and J. Yngvason in May and the first half of June. On June 18-20, the colloquium "Quantum Groups" will be held in the Doppler Institute - contact C. Burdik.

Updated: April 8, 1998