The registration fee is USD 180 (or DEM 320, CHF 260). This includes costs of the auditories, stationery, secretarial work, etc. Also included are a copy of conference proceedings and social events. The latter also concerns accompanying persons who are supposed to pay USD 30 per person. In case of a late registration (from April 1 on) the fee is raised to USD 220 (DEM 390 or CHF 320, respectively). A TeX form containing data needed for money transfer, both for the registration and accomodation, can be found here.

The organizers promised a fee reduction for young participants who has already demonstrated distinguished research skills, and to participants from the former East block. The applications were reviewed after the deadline and the support was offered to more than fifty participants. unfortunately, the state of our budget does not allow to accept new applications.

The registration office in the building of Faculty of Nuclear Science, Czech Technical University, Brehova 7, 11519 Prague 1, will open on Sunday June 21 at 10 am

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