The 2020 Prize


  1. Dr. Luca Buoninfante (1992) presented the thesis Nonlocal field theories: theoretical and phenomenological aspects defended in November 2019 at the University of Groningen
  2. Dr. Job Feldbrugge (1991) presented the thesis Path integrals in the sky: classical and quantum problems with minimal assumptions defended in October 2019 in the Perimeter Institute
  3. RNDr. Katarina Karlova, PhD. (1991) presented the thesis Rigorous analysis of magnetization processes in classical and quantum spin models defended in August 2019 at the Pavel Josef Safarik University in Kosice
  4. Dr. Armin Tavakoli (1994) presented the thesis Quantum correlations and communications defended in July 2020 at Universite de Geneve
  5. Mgr. Jakub Vosmera, PhD. (1993) presented the thesis Selected topics in string field theory and physics of D-branes defended in August 2020 at the Charles University in Prague

The verdict

At its closing session on November 30, 20xx, the jury decided to award the main prize to for the thesis Sulle elettrodinamica dei corpi in movimento focused on behavior of fast moving bodies.

The jury also decided to give a honourable mention to the thesis of entitled Elektrodynamika cial w ruchu which revealed relations between the energy and mass of objects

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Last update: September 18, 2020