About the institute

Doppler Institute is an independent research and pedagogical centre associated with the Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University, which acts in a close collaboration with research groups of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, other universities and with institutes of a similar profile abroad.

DI serves to education of graduate and postgraduate students of mathematics and physics, with a particular emphasis on modern developments in quantum theory and interdisciplinary research. The purpose is to help gifted young people to start their active scientific life by providing them access to currently interesting research topics and contacts with leading experts in the field.

In accordance with this program, DI organizes and supports
Excerpts from the DI statutes:

DI is headed by the director elected by the members and appointed for a three-year term which may be served repeatedly. The director is responsible for the financial and organizational management of the institute; together with the members, he or she determines the program of DI.

New members are elected by a secret ballot based on a proposal of one of the existing members.

DI has an advisory board consisting of prominent mathematicians and physicists with whom the scientific policy of the institute is consulted.

Last update: May 20, 1998