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About me

I am a researcher in the Department of Theoretical Physics of the NPI. Being a mathematical physicist, I like to study problems that are physically well motivated by the methods that are (sufficiently) rigorous.

Research Interests

In recent years, my main research topic has been the analysis of systems described by one- or two-dimensional Dirac equation that is motivated by the physics of Dirac materials (graphene, germanene, silicene,...). I follow two different, yet complementary approaches: construction of exactly solvable models, and qualitative spectral analysis based on the variational principle.
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I also work on the exactly solvable models of optical systems with PT-symmetric interactions.
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Upcoming events:

Analytic and algebraic methods in physics XVI
Sep 10 -- Sep 13, 2019, Prague
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7th International Workshop on New Challenges in Quantum Mechanics:
Integrability and Supersymmetry
Sep 01 -- Sep 07, 2019, Benasque, Spain
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