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This conference is intended as the 13th issue of a conference series held in Prague since 2007. It is is primarily organised in honour of Miloslav Znojil's 70th birthday in the year 2016. The theme (analytic and algebraic methods in physics) naturally reflects the wide scope of interests of Miloslav throughout his extremely productive research career. The following topics will be particularly addressed during the conference:

  • quantum mechanics with non-Hermitian operators,
  • PT-symmetric optics and generalised concepts,
  • spectral theory of non-self-adjoint operators,
  • operator theory in spaces with indefinite inner products.


Bagarello, F. Bi-coherent states for pseudo-bosons and other stuff SLIDES
Bender, C. M. Some new results on PT symmetry SLIDES
Bishop, R. F. Journeys to and in quantum phase space: Extended quantum phase-space formulations of quantum many-body theory and quantum information theory SLIDES
Boháčik, J. Propagator for quartic oscillator with time dependent parameters SLIDES
Brody, D. Quantum thermodynamics SLIDES
Caliceti, E. An existence criterion for the PT-symmetric phase transition in higher dimension SLIDES
Correa, F. Regularized degenerate multi-solitons
Exner, P. A small step for the coupling constant but a giant leap for the spectrum SLIDES
Feinberg, J. Self-adjoint Wheeler-DeWitt operators, the problem of time and the wave function of the Universe SLIDES
Graefe, E.-M. Quasiclassical analysis of Bloch oscillations in non-Hermitian tight-binding lattices SLIDES
Guenther, U. From Landau-Ginzburg to PTQM SLIDES
Heiss, W. D. Three coupled wave guides and third order exceptional points SLIDES
Hook, D. A study Hamiltonians with a logarithmic dependence SLIDES
Jakubský, V. Dispersionless wave packets in Dirac systems SLIDES
Joglekar, Y. PT breaking transitions in dissipative two-level Floquet system SLIDES
Kuzhel, S. A class of solvable models with nonlocal point interactions SLIDES
Lee, M. H. Hamilton-Jacobi trajectories of comets Kohoutek and ISON: A novel approach to celestial dynamics SLIDES
Levai, G. Unavoided crossing of energy levels in PT-symmetric Natanzon-class potentials SLIDES
Lotoreichik, V. Spectra of definite type in waveguide models SLIDES
Milburn, T. J. General description of quasiadiabatic dynamical phenomena near exceptional points   cancelled
Mostafazadeh, A. Transfer matrix formulation of scattering theory in arbitrary dimensions SLIDES
Rotter, I. Higher-order exceptional points SLIDES
Starosta, Š. Number theory and spectral instabilities in metamaterials SLIDES
Tiedra de Aldecoa, R. Commutator criteria for strong mixing SLIDES
Trunk, C. On PT symmetric operators in Krein spaces SLIDES
Turgut, T. Born-Oppenheimer approximation in a singular system SLIDES
Wang, Q. Non-linear eigenvalue problems and PT-symmetric potentials SLIDES
Winternitz, P. Superintegrable systems in classical and quantum mechanics. Background, ideas and new developments SLIDES
Wunner, G. The octagon method for finding exceptional points, and application to resonances of hydrogen-like systems in parallel electric and magnetic fields SLIDES

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