13th issue of a conference series

Analytic and algebraic methods in physics

Prague, Czech Republic, 6 - 9 June 2016

organised in honour of Miloslav Znojil's 70th birthday in the year 2016

Znojil's photo
The message of traditional textbooks on quantum mechanics may be read as a declaration of necessity of avoiding the non-unitarity of the evolution in time by all means including even the acceptance of a non-locality of the interactions. This immediately reminds us about the Homer's story about the six-headed monster Scylla which, together with the all-destroying whirlpool of Charybdis controlled the pass through the Strait of Messina. No surprise that in the mythology of old Greeks the fabulous Odysseus followed the advice by Kirke and that, in order to avoid the deadly Charybdis, he rather sacrificed six of his men to Scylla while saving the rest. In this sense, the "acceptable evil" of Scylla finds its traditional quantum analogue in non-locality. The "Charybdis" of non-unitarity was perceived much more deadly a danger.

A quotation from Miloslav Znojil's chapter from the 2015 book Non-Selfadjoint Operators in Quantum Physics: Mathematical Aspects
Organisers: David Krejcirik (Prague) and Petr Siegl (Bern)
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