Dr. Vladimir Lotoreichik

Department of Theoretical Physics

Nuclear Physics Institute

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Grant No. 17-01706S of the Czech Science Foundation (2017–2019)
"Mathematical-Physics models of novel materials"

Austria-Czechia cooperation project (2017–2018)
"Dirac and magnetic Schrödinger operators with singular interactions"


Publications and preprints with journal and arXiv references.


Lectures and excercises.


Curriculum Vitae.


Titles and slides for selected talks


21 Feb 2017
I am giving a talk entitled "Eigenvalue inequalities for the Laplacian with mixed boundary conditions" at Doppler Institute Seminar, Prague.


17 Dec - 20 Dec 2016
I participated in the conference Operator Theory and Indefinite Inner Product Spaces, Vienna.

27 Nov - 4 Dec 2016
I visited the group of Ram Band at Technion University, Haifa, Israel (funded by personal mini-grant of Czech Academy of Sciences).

7-9 Nov 2016
I was invited to the workshop Mathematical challenges of zero-range physics, Trieste, Italy.

2 Nov 2016
I was invited to give an introductory lecture at the Seminar on Contemporary Mathematics (SSM) for undegraduate students, Czech Technical University, Prague.

17-19 Oct 2016
Jiri Lipovsky (University of Hradec Kralove) visited me. We collaborate on resonance phenomena for Schrödinger operators with singular interactions.

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