Doppler Institute Microconference

Analytic and algebraic methods in physics XVI

September 10 - 13, 2019, Prague
Czech Technical University in Prague, Trojanova street 339/13


This conference aims to bring together scientists working in various areas of applied mathematics, theoretical and mathematical physics, with an emphasis on but not limited to modern developments in quantum physics. The meeting is traditionally held in Prague since 2007. It has become popular for its informal atmosphere and promotion of young researchers. We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague!

František Kupka, "Synthesis"

Scientific board

  • Jussi Behrndt (Graz)
  • Carl Bender (St. Louis)
  • Pavel Exner (Řež)
  • Joshua Feinberg (Haifa)
  • Javier Negro (Valladolid)
  • Pavel Winternitz (Montreal)

Organizing committee

  • Petr Ambrož (FNSPE CTU)
  • Vít Jakubský (NPI CAS, chair)
  • Vladimir Lotoreichik (NPI CAS)
  • Edita Pelantová (FNSPE CTU)
  • Matěj Tušek (FNSPE CTU)
  • Miloslav Znojil (NPI CAS)


  • Proceeds by e-mail
  • Deadline: up to the filling capacity of the hall (first-come, first-served basis)
  • The currently updated list of participants (in PDF)
  • Conference fee: 30 EUR. The fee should be paid via bank transfer.
  • Alternatively, one can pay 800 CZK in cash upon arrival (we can accept only Czech Crowns on-site).

How to get there

  • From metro station "Karlovo namesti" (line B, south-west gate, close to river Vltava) follow the map (250 meters, takes 3 minutes).
  • If you happen to leave metro station "Karlovo namesti" (line B) by the north-east gate, closer to the Charles square) follow simply another map.


  • Should be individually arranged via internet.
  • Feel free to ask us for help by email.

Suggestions on where to eat


  • Nuclear Physics Institute, 250 68 Rez, Czech Republic, +420 266 173 286