Doppler Institute Microconference

Analytic and algebraic methods in physics XVI

September 10 - 13, 2019, Prague
Czech Technical University in Prague, Trojanova street 339/13

Safety tips

Prague is one of the safest cities, but
  • beware of pickpockets, be careful with your belongings, don't be an easy target;
  • never ever exchange money with a stranger on the street – you will be cheated.


Prague public transport is very efficient and relatively cheap. This webpage provides all the necessary information about the public transport.
Important! After buying a ticket, do not forget to validate it at the entrance to metro, bus or tram using the yellow validator.

Local seesights

Ss. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral

The place of the last fight of the Czech commandos who killed Reinhard Heidrich in the World War II. There is a movie covering this story called Anthropoid. There is a small museum just below the cathedral, entrance is from the street.


The waterfront of the Vltava river. A great place for an informal walk and relaxation in the evening. An excellent opportunity to taste Czech beer!


A seesight sometimes overlooked by the turists. You will be in a walking distance from there.


Tips: between 0-10%. 5% is reasonable.
How the locals tip: when the waiter tells the price, the guest replies the value rounded up by the tip and passes him the money. The waiter returns the corresponding sum. You can alternatively leave the tip on the table and tell the waiter that it is for him.

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