Dr. Vladimir Lotoreichik

Department of Theoretical Physics

Nuclear Physics Institute

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Selected talks

  • September 2017
    Aspect17: Asymptotic analysis and spectral theory, Trier, Germany
    On the bound state induced by δ-interaction on a weakly deformed plane

  • September 2017
    The 5th Najman Conference on Spectral Theory and Differential Equations, Opatija, Croatia
    Faber-Krahn inequalities for the Robin Laplacian on exterior domains

  • May 2017
    Workshop of the GAMM Activity Group Applied Operator Theory, Hamburg, Germany
    Eigenvalue inequalities for the Laplacian with mixed boundary conditions

  • November 2016
    Mathematical Challenges of Zero-Range Physics: rigorous results and open problems, Trieste, Italy
    Optimisation of the lowest eigenvalue for surface δ-interactions and for Robin Laplacians

  • July 2016
    New Methods in Extension Theory Applied to Quantum Mechanics, Berlin, Germany
    Leaky conical surfaces: spectral asymptotics and isoperimetric properties

    October 2015
    Young Researchers Workshop on Spectral Theory in Bern, Switzerland
    Spectra of definite type, tensor products, and non-selfadjoint waveguides

  • November 2015
    MAFIA Seminar in Prague, Czech Republic
    Spectral asymptotics of Schrödinger operators with δ-interactions on conical surfaces

  • May 2015
    Spectral Theory and Applications in Krakow, Poland
    Spectral asymptotics of Schrödinger operators with singular interactions

  • November 2014
    Workshop on Eigenvalue Problems in Superconductivity in Oberwolfach, Germany
    Discrete spectrum of Schrödinger operators with δ-interactions on conical surfaces

  • June 2014
    Workshop on Modern aspects of the Titchmarsh-Weyl m-function and its multidimensional analogues at Institut Mittag-Leffler in Djursholm, Sweden
    Schrödinger operators with δ-interactions supported on conical surfaces

  • September 2013
    Conference on Mathematical Results in Quantum Physics (QMath12) in Berlin, Germany
    Self-adjoint Laplacians on partitions with δ and δ'-couplings

  • July 2013
    5th St. Petersburg Conference on Spectral Theory, Russia
    Self-adjoint Laplacians on partitions with δ and δ'-couplings

  • February 2013
    Workshop on System and Operator Realizations of Analytic Functions at Lorentz Center in Leiden, Nertherlands
    Schrödinger operators with δ and δ'-interactions on hypersurfaces associated with partitions

  • November 2009
    Conference on Spectral Problems and Related Topics at Moscow State University, Russia
    Schatten-von Neumann properties of resolvent differences of generalized Robin Laplacians on bounded domains