PRELIMINARY REPORTS available solely via arXiv

  1. Miloslav Znojil,
    Klein-Gordon equation with the time- and space-dependent mass: Unitary evolution picture
    (arXiv:1702.08493v1) [v2 is published]

  2. Miloslav Znojil,
    Quasi-exact solvability of spiked harmonic oscillators

  3. Sergii Kuzhel and Miloslav Znojil,
    Quantum solvable models with nonlocal one point interactions.
    (arXiv:1607.00350) [v2 is published]

  4. Miloslav Znojil,
    Non-analytic exponential well $V(x)= -g^2\exp (-|x|)$ and an innovated, analytic shooting method

  5. Miloslav Znojil,
    Action-at-a-distance in a solvable quantum model

  6. Miloslav Znojil,
    Comment on letter "Local PT symmetry violates the no-signaling principle" by Yi-Chan Lee et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 130404 (2014)

  7. Miloslav Znojil,
    Can unavoided level crossing disguise phase transition?

  8. Miloslav Znojil,
    Quantum catastrophes II. Generic pattern of the fall into instability

  9. Miloslav Znojil,
    PT-symmetry and quantum graphs

  10. Miloslav Znojil,
    The complete menu of eligible metrics for a family of toy Hamiltonians $H \neq H^\dagger$ with real spectra
    ( arXiv:0806.4295v2)

  11. Miloslav Znojil,
    PT-symmetric Sturmians

  12. Miloslav Znojil,
    Two-step identification of observables in PT-symmetric quantum-toboggan models

  13. Miloslav Znojil,
    PT-symmetric knotting of coordinates: a new, topological mechanism of quantum confinement.
    (arXiv: 0801.0517v1)

  14. Miloslav Znojil,
    A schematic model of scattering in PT-symmetric Quantum Mechanics

  15. Miloslav Znojil,
    Spiked harmonic quantum toboggans
    (quant-ph/0606166v1), unpublished version.
    Quantum particle is assumed located in an analytically perturbed harmonic-oscillator potential. Its motion along certain complex, PT-symmetric "toboggan" paths which N-times encircle the branch point in the origin is studied in both the bound-state and scattering regime.

  16. Miloslav Znojil,
    Unusual scalar products in Hilbert space of Quantum Mechanics: non-Hermitian square-well model with two coupled channels

  17. Miloslav Znojil,
    Calogerian models, osculation method and low-lying spectra of many-particle anharmonic oscillators
    extended abstract, in Biennial Report of NPI (ed. J. Dittrich), available upon emailed request

  18. Miloslav Znojil,
    PT-symmetry, ghosts, SUSY and Klein-Gordon equation.
    (hep-th/0408081), invited talk XI SYMPHYS Prague, June 21 - 24, 2004
    (the text and all proceedings (on CD) are available from organizers upon request)

  19. Miloslav Znojil,
    Supersymmetric quantum mechanics and regularizations
    (hep-th/0209262v1), preliminary notes for the invited talk in Valladolid (July 2003) - unpublished in this form.

  20. Miloslav Znojil,
    Pseudo-Hermitian version of the charged harmonic oscillator and its ``forgotten" exact solutions
    (quant-ph/0206085), preliminary version of the invited talk, CRM, Montreal, Autumn 2002, unpublished in this form

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