18th International Workshop


Pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians

in Quantum Physics XVIII


the meeting is being planned (pending official approval) for dates June 4-13, 2018



Bangalore (officially known as Bengaluru)

in Karnataka, India


this webpage contains just a preliminary info about the meeting;
the active and regularly updated official webpage will be available soon


main organizers:

Manas Kulkarni (ICTS-TIFR)
Bhabani Prasad Mandal (chairman)
and Miloslav Znojil

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the detailed list of subjects will be prepared soon;

only an incomplete list is known at present, including, e.g.,

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the question of proceedings is still open

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by e-mail:

by ordinary mail:

Miloslav Znojil

Nuclear Physics Institute, 250 68 Rez, Czech Republic

or via other channels:

Fax : +420 - 220 940 165 (M. Z.)
Phone : +420 - 266 173 286 (M.Z., office)

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it is still too early for timetable

post scriptum:

the valid, official webpage of the meeting will be available

the global webpage of the whole conference series is available

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the preliminary webpage update: February 10th, 2017